Lil MC

May 21, 2008
I used to be hot
But now I’m hotter
I just sit here and bust rhymes
On my teeter totter
I got schemes
I get that milk money
I can throw a line to your girl
And turn her dark world sunny
Yeah I’m the smallest dude
In the fourth grade
But I got more game
Than the whole arcade
I rule my playground
With an iron fist
And if you any trouble at all
I’ll send you to the dodge ball wall
Yeah my principle was actin like he was somethin
So I stepped right up
While he was steady frontin
I said I’m the man
And you just a rookie
When it time for rap school
You must have played hooky
And while I left him there to reminisce
On that glorious day that he got dismissed
I slapped my hand on the pa
And said
“class dismissed!”

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