Daddy's Girl

June 6, 2012
By LadyM BRONZE, Kelso, Washington
LadyM BRONZE, Kelso, Washington
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"I do not respond well to threats" ~ Eric Northman

Hiding behind the tree watching them take daddy away,
Only to be seen through a computer screen,
He tells her he loves her every time he sees her,
But it's hard to believe when all he does is use her,
“Do this for daddy”,
Or even “Don't screw this up!”

He yells when he's mad,
But always says sorry,
But she's getting tired of being used,
Told what to do by someone who doesn't actually care,
This time she'll tell him no.

But he says I love you,
Those words keep her weak,
Make her the daddy's girl he wants her to be,
Keeping her under his thumb,
While she suffers the endless pain,
That makes her break.

Daddy's girl isn't so bad anymore,
She wont give in,
He tries his same tricks,
And she laughs in his face,
“No more. I control me.” She says,
She's becoming stronger,
That's what he made her after all.

The music flows behind her as she dances,
Daddy's girl isn't daddy's girl anymore,
She's Queen,
Queen of her own little world,
She's hardened like stone,
No one will ever be able to hurt her,
Or so she thinks.

She's wide awake,
Thinking about what caused her to be so weak,
Once upon a forever ago,
Before she let go of her old self,
It was those few words,
What really caused her to become weakened,
I Love You.

She needs to prove her strength,
He's old now,
Unable to hardly move,
Stuck in a bed,
He's going to be gone soon,
She's going to make her final goodbyes.

He see's her come into the room,
Daddy's girl all grown up,
She sits down next to him,
“I'm sorry” He whispers,
It's not enough though and he knows it,
They talk for hours,
Not once does she weaken.

She's trying hard not to cry,
He looks so fragile,
Like she used to be,
He apologized,
But she wont become weakened again,
Then he says it,
“I love you baby girl.”
And she falls back into his same old trap.

He can go now,
His little girl that he almost ruined,
Forgave him,
She'll cry for now,
But she'll be strong,
Just like he made her.

She watches him close his eyes,
Unaware of what goes on in his head,
She watches the heart monitor as it slows,
It's falling,
Falling fast,
Before she knows it,
He's gone.

Daddy's girl once again,
She doesn't care though,
He did it to make her who she is now,
Not to ruin her,
Or make her hate him,
He did it to make her strong,
Now he's gone,
She finally made things right,
She can move on now.

Daddy's girl once,
Daddy's girl forever.

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