The Hero of Time, a Legend That Still Stands.

June 6, 2012
By TheMissingLoftwing BRONZE, Buffalo, New York
TheMissingLoftwing BRONZE, Buffalo, New York
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The hero of time, a legend that still stands.

Running, running, running, maybe
It’s more like jogging, but
That’s not important now,

Jump into a pit with monsters,
Slay them in the face; turn them into

Purple ash, sword lights up,

Save your girl, defeat the green
Ginger, destroy the magic guy because,
He think’s he’s cool but he’s not,

Grab the sword, dance with the
Twin oracles, turn into a wolf,
OMG were all going to die,

Play song of time, sail on a
Floating boat, Giant monsters,
Deadly traps, seek the key of a hero.

Gain the three pieces of a
Hero, fearless courage, limitless
Wisdom, and unmatched power,

With these pieces, the true hero is,
Born. The darkness calls, time for action,
Go forth and fill the legend of the princess.

A sword of master, rise it skyward,
With the power of the goddess,
Let it guide you to end the madness.

The final showdown, it all ends now,
Finish it with the final blow,
Run of the cliff into the sky.

Mario only wishes he was this bada**.

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