The Life of the Ocean

May 30, 2012
By Alyssa Schiller BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
Alyssa Schiller BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
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The ocean was so blue and peaceful at first
But then about two years ago everything got reversed
When it occurred things just weren’t the same
A big oil spill happened in the Gulf, who was to blame

All the animals in the ocean were dying and hurt
This accident was such a tragedy everyone was alert
Everyone needed to help get things better again
If we didn't what would things be like then

Thankfully so many people got involved
Now we almost have the problem solved
When I went to Florida I was so happy to see
Happy, playful, and lively dolphins swimming next to me

Being next to those dolphins made me see
We helped all those animals out to an enormous degree
Now that everything has ended
Hopefully it will stay forever mended

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