May 30, 2012
By Stevey BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Stevey BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
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The rollercoaster

We go through the up’s and down’s
Around the curves and the swerves
And have a panic attack through the loop de loops.
The rollercoaster, the giant monster on the ground.
It’s seams like a dream, but it absolutely reality
The scariest thing I’ve done in my life
Once you go on there’s no getting off.
It goes up and down and all around.
You think it stops but it never does.
It just keeps going on and on.
Stop and think
People here people there.
Wear are they oft to nobody knows.
Does any one stop to think how beautiful the world is?
To think what were do here on this earth.
To think of the beauty, the beauty of every the day life
Nobody stops to think of how fortunate we are to live on this earth.

The Smell of the Kitchen
The smells of the fresh baked muffins
The sounds of the timer going ding
When you that sound you rush to get the first piece
Hear come the apple pie.
The thing we’ve all been waiting for.
Oh the smell. It is so intoxicating you jus might faint.
The oven so hot and steamy it’s like a magical land of the oven.
Aw the smell of apple pie. I think I might just die.

The Rain
The rain goes pit, pat, pit, pat on the hard wooden deck.
The storm is rolling in with a passion. It seems to have the power of the gods.
There’s no getting out of this one. Not even with a plane.
We just haft to button, and pray for our lives.
The braches are ripping and crashing down.
Hear it comes….

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