Finally, Finally

May 30, 2012
By ashuhlee10 BRONZE, Tomball, Texas
ashuhlee10 BRONZE, Tomball, Texas
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The shiny crystals on my crown,
Gleam so brightly in the sun.
Locked up in my dark cold tower,
Just waiting for the one.
Twirling in front of a mirror,
And dancing with the birds
My prince is on his way,
And I’m reciting the perfect words

This was many years ago
When I was a young child
Sandwiches cut in half
And my spirits running wild
Finally, Finally
This reoccurring dream
Was going to come true
It was possible, it seemed

When that dungeon door
Finally found its key
The light shining through
I was saved, I believed
Not only in you,
But I believed in love
Safety and security
Not a single push or shove

Ancient brick walls
Built up around me
I was destined to be alone
Until the day you found me
Finally, Finally
I could live my life
As your beaming new bride
A prince and his wife

But those ancient bricks
Were also inside me
Built around my soul
Succeeding to hide me
And every feeling
That crossed my heart
Because the stitches on the cracks
Were coming apart

You see, I’ve been hurt
I’ve been lost for many years
And I won’t open my heart
Finally, Finally
Trying to find my own way
If I can’t give you all of me
Then there is no need to stay

And I know, you cried a tear
But please don’t let it go
Catch it before it hits the ground
Because I’ll be back when I’m grown
So carve yourself a smile
This is a promise I vow to make
And when I am secure,
All of me is yours to take

As this minute passes by
I’m searching for myself
Pushing over memories
And frames on my shelf
Finally, Finally
From twelve feet in the sky
Watch it crash into pieces
And my old self fly

I will be renewed
So I can be myself again
This small road is changing
Something odd’s happening
Standing alone
It all feels so wrong
My hand is pulled by the wind
To find where I belong

I know it’s with you,
But I’m still caught in sea
Anchored down by mistakes
Casting out for me
Finally, Finally
I feel a light tug
Withdrawal streaming through
I know you’re my drug

Pull myself back to shore
Crash through the walls
No more living like this
Listen to the calls
Screaming to my mind
Because my heart already knows
I’m ready to surrender
This is how it goes

My destiny is halted
But I’m ready to live
I know I’m afraid,
But I’m ready to give
Finally, Finally
All of me will be yours
Get rid of all my fear
That is still stuck in my core

I surrender myself
Because you went through the pain
I’m back on track
Done living insane
I’m finally living for today
Not worried about tomorrow
Give my love to you
Ignore possible sorrow

Finally, Finally
My life doesn’t seem so bad
Finally, Finally
This is the best that I ever had
Finally, Finally
Give my love to you
Finally, Finally
I’m made into something new.

The author's comments:
I wrote this based on Fergie's song "Damaged" or "Finally" I don't know the real name, but I love the song.

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