A Can of Campbell's Soup (poem in four voices)

May 18, 2008
By Hatel Patel, Valdosta, GA

As viewed by a man suffering from the depression (business tycoon hard on luck)

Saturday March 12,1935 – They say the recovery has begun, but there is still no money. How do I eat? What will I eat?
Ahh a can of soup. One can. How long can it last? I want to eat it , but will I have enough for tomorrow?
I do not remember the last time I ate, was it yesterday or two days ago?

As viewed by a Campbell’s Soup Employee (factory worker grocery shopping)

Next on the list is soup.
Soup sounds delicious, but there’s someone in my way.
Do I ask them to move, or do I watch? I watch . I’m thinking reach for the red can and not the blue… reach for it, reach for it….
SCORE! We sold one more.

As viewed by a mother who does not want to make dinner

Whew, the day has gone by so fast. Picking up the children and then taking them to soccer practice. The infamous question: What should I make for dinner?

I need something quick and easy.

Tomato Soup, hmm not a bad idea

Ahh …the possibilities

As viewed by Andy Warhol

Soup? What are they …Crazy?!
Coca-Cola and Campbell’s , lets make fun of it !
White and red… HA! Lets make it red and green, and then pink and black. Colors that nobody wants to see.
See, I’ll make fun of it because I'm Andy Warhol.
Nobody’s ever going to love this.

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