The Ultimate Curse

May 28, 2012
By Writer-X BRONZE, Bastrop, Texas
Writer-X BRONZE, Bastrop, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"An eye for an eye can only make the world blind."

My life in shambles.

Everything scrambles.

I admire from afar.

She presents herself like a czar.

I approach her nervous, afraid.

I hand her a note, hoping for an answer.

The fear eating me like cancer.

She speaks and my face drops.

My heart almost stops.

You don't want this, but I do.

I took the time to pour my heart out to you.

You just throw it to be crushed under a shoe.

You we can be best friends.

That depends.

Is there a possibility of us getting together?

Would my heat be as tough as leather?

I could be overreacting, call it what you will.

I will never have the ultimate thrill.

Love is considered good, but for me it is worse.

Could I be cursed?

The author's comments:
Coming off of a rejection gave me confidence to write this piece.

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