May 20, 2012
By Nisa Neza BRONZE, Leonia, New Jersey
Nisa Neza BRONZE, Leonia, New Jersey
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He envied a non-existent Waste-Man
who was reincarnated as acid rain
and stained his jacket with nostalgia
then forced it away with Novocain

He clung to memories of a time
When time was never of the essence
When they did not silence him with pills-
a time before adolescence

When Waste-Man was "imagination",
rather than evidence of insanity,
but pleasure and joy
were soon replaced with hollow vanity

Now his mind is an abyss
where Waste-Man weeps
and within his stained jacket,
the shadow of a young boy sleeps

The author's comments:
This poem is a tribute to adults who maintain their imagination throughout the years and who may be frowned upon by society because of it. The "stained jacket" is the mind and "Waste-Man" is the creativity I hope to preserve no matter my age.

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