In the Artist's Hand

May 31, 2012
By Payton Harvey BRONZE, Roy, Washington
Payton Harvey BRONZE, Roy, Washington
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In the Artist's Hand I hold
The key to fiction places
I can make anything come alive
Worlds of unknown spaces

I have the talent to create
To improve, of take away
With a style all my own
It's something new everyday

Surrounded by my colors
From paint to pastel
I smudge, smear, and shade
To make it all blend so well

My passion grows, thoughts overwhelm
The urge burns like fire
To make the visions I see real
That's my hearts one desire

I have self-confidence
Not one ounce of doubt
Behold the artist within
That's floating upward and out

The hand I use is firm
I have absolute control
What a gift to so create
What's burning in my soul!

My passion is very strong
And it won't have ever died
How I enjoy expressing on paper
All that I have inside!

It expresses every feeling
And captures every thought
There are infinite ideas
Every mood is caught

I draw what I visualize
My imagination paused
Filling in with such speed
Before the idea's lost

The key to fiction places
Leads to the door of a make-believe hand
And this key is held
In the Artist's Hand

The author's comments:
Dedicated to my younger sister

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