I live in the Ocean

May 31, 2012
By Ellen Gutierrez BRONZE, Santa Maria, California
Ellen Gutierrez BRONZE, Santa Maria, California
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I live in the ocean
I live in the crashing waves
Gulls hover over looking human trash
The smell of seaweed is always nasty
The waves of the shore sound like a symphony
Water is cold it feels like a freezer
Of 42 degrees
I taste the salty water, it is like rappers of chips
In the water
The depths,cover me like a black blanket
Heavy currants crash coral and shells to glittering sand
Fog goes over the surface
Like an eerie wave
Wind blows gently and harsh sending sea foam
In a delicate spray
I drift, playing with dolphins and other elegant creatures
Children laugh like tinkling glass they play in the sand
I wear shells around my neck
Fish feel like silk on cashmere
I hold myself in the waves
I hold myself in my home
The ocean

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