Sweat, Blood, And Tears

May 31, 2012
Starting in the middle of August
Panting in the blazing heat
Practicing with intentions
To never end in defeat

Waking up super early
Always giving my absolute best
So next time we play Isle
We put the Huskies to rest

Handing off the ball to me
Running past and through the heard
Thinking you will end up beating us
You must have a lot of nerve

Finishing the season undefeated
What a heck of an amazing year
Adding a lot of great memories
To my high school football career

I always played my heart out
For how much I love this game
And if I just keep this up
I might just end up in the hall of fame

Die hard fans screaming their lungs out
Parents giving us their support
I gave sweat, blood, and tears
For how much I love this sport

Football is an addictive drug

I never want to be sober
Needing a shoulder to cry on

It’s hard to realize it’s over

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