nothing turns

May 31, 2012
By icelinn castner BRONZE, Black River Falls, Wisconsin
icelinn castner BRONZE, Black River Falls, Wisconsin
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That is all I ever had with him
That is with all the lying and cheating
That he made me betray my family and friends
That with all the bruises and scars that he caused
That he made my life nothing
With that, is what he gave me
With no roses or love or chocolates to give to me
With him he had me at hello and now it’s too scary to say goodbye
With all the hitting and pushing me down the stairs it wasn’t yet time
With him he made my life nothing
That is what happened when I stood up for myself
With no respect or love from him I couldn’t do much but it helped
He had now the one with the bruises and scars for the first time
With me being the boss now I had all control like he had with me
He was beginning to be nothing
Is what I wanted out of this
Is what should have happened other than this
Is who and what I used to love
Is what we once had
Is what I used to think was real
Is what used to be special
That is what I had when I left him
That With everything he had was mine since he was gone
That is what he had done with my life
That he made my life hell but now my life is better, I’m healing
That with the bruises going away and the scars fading
That now it is like he wasn’t ever there

The author's comments:
This piece is something i wrote when i was feeling down, from seeing all the people being abused around me. Also the one day my friend stood up for herself... this is for her!!!

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