May 21, 2012
By sicair BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
sicair BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
" I would neither sell nor buy at any price my experience." - Hank Gerards, WWII Veteran, my Grandfather

Immortal god! Everlasting slave!
Victim to our thoughts, we who can’t create.
Unending power! Submit to me!
Oh Exalted One will you ever be free?

Our thoughts define you; they sustain your life.
Did you create us to extend your time?
We’ll build you up till you’re something new,
We’ll make you noble while we’re taken with you.
We’ll change your face from what it once had been
And make you out to be something you’re not again.
And when we understand you and disillusionment comes
We’ll leave you behind, without our thoughts you’ll succumb.

You’ll fade into obscurity,
Nothing but myths for scholars to read.
The false legends of your grandeur will become stories for youth;
Filled with adventure but lacking in truth.

So ask yourself, my Lord, my God,
Heavenly father above:
Are we your creations,
Is it really you whom we love?
Or are you a product of our imagination,
Are we the tyrants, and you the creation?

The author's comments:
In English we read two poems about Eros, the greek god of love. In the second of the two poems, "Eros" by Anne Stevenson, I got the idea that gods, among other things, aren't necessarily what we make them out to be. Perhaps we build them up to the point that we are dissapointed when we actually experience them because they don't live up to our expectations. My poem explores the question of "who creates who, the god or the human?"

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