The Venom She Spits

May 22, 2012
By Lei Fricko BRONZE, Paw Paw, Michigan
Lei Fricko BRONZE, Paw Paw, Michigan
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My eyes open
Too bright in this room.
I hear the tell-tale beeping noise.
I turn and see the IV in my arm.
Then I hear her obnoxious voice,
“Why are you so stupid?”
This comes from woman in a chair.
A woman that claims to my mom.
I can feel the hate that streams
out of her ugly brown eyes.
Can she feel the pain I feel?
The pain that I tried to end once more.
My head turns away in anticipation
for my mom is a viper with
poisonous venom in her veins.
She begins to open her mouth filled with venom
A venom that she is directing towards me.
I give her a look that stops her in her tracks.
A look that could have killed if it was possible.
I opened my dry mouth.
In a calm perfectly clear voice I said to her
“You need to leave now. Never come back here.
I want you hear me when I say this, Amy:
You are not my mom or my mother,
someone I care about,
or some one I even like.
You are one of the worst creatures in the world:
You are a person who destroys children.
Making them think that they are nothing.
Do you know what that makes you?
It makes you nothing and
That is all you will ever be.
Leave and never speak to me again.”
She just looked at me
like she had never seen my face before.
Then she stood up and walked out.
To this day she doesn’t speak to me,
to this day she is not my mother,
and to this day I have not forgiven her.

The author's comments:
This was about how my mother reacted to my attempt at suicide

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