Living a Dream

May 13, 2008
By Jade Theriault, Los Gatos, CA

Wishing you all a vintage pastime
Hoping to feel the tears of your joy

And when the seeds start growing
The time has come for knowing
Spread your wings and fly
Through the twilight sky

Wishing you all a pleasant comfort
Hoping to taste the fruit of success

And when the wheels start turning
Cogs and grooves rearranging
Perspire in the sunlight
Working through the midnight

Wishing you all a glorious future
Hoping to see a pretty trophy

And when the crowd starts cheering
Balloons, confetti, appearing
Smile with awe and wonder
Great applaud of thunder

Wishing you all a fabulous lifetime
Hoping to hear a grand symphony

And when the light shines down
And casts upon your crown
Your eyes glisten and twinkle
Through an old-age wrinkle

But all in all
It’s only a wish

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