Thirteen Years

May 20, 2012
By Anonymous

The road seems to be stretching even longer
The tires keep on rolling but go nowhere
My heart is filled with anticipation, soon I
Will see him. The man who’s been long
Gone. Seeing the world through cold metal bars.
Its been years. Thirteen years to be exact.

Supposedly he was a good man, who knows?
Certainly not me, its been thirteen years remember.
Now all that’s left are faded pictures and
Rusty memories. Maybe in a couple hours the
Brain will remember and let me love again.
But will I even want to love again?

People tell me these stories of him and
Me and how we were inseparable. Of how
He loved to put me to sleep. How
I would cry when he would leave me.
How I loved it when we would play.
But those are stories and pictures long gone.

And now the tires are rolling on the
Gravel. Rocks are crunched under the rolling rubber.
My heart pounds faster with every step closer.
I’m supposed to be happy, why aren’t I?
I feel nervous, will he even remember me?
Will I remember him? Its been so long.

And as I enter the door I feel
a rush of emotions. The wind brushes my
hair and I feel my knees go weak.
I can feel my arms extending , ready for
a hug. My eyes search for his, those
honey brown circles.

I find them and mine start to water.
After all these years, all those pictures, all
Those letters, here he is in the flesh.
He’s just as handsome as in those pictures.
Turns out I’m more than happy, I’m ecstatic.
Thirteen years later, I’m reunited with my uncle.

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