Even If..

May 20, 2012
By Asabatini18 BRONZE, Cliffside Park, New Jersey
Asabatini18 BRONZE, Cliffside Park, New Jersey
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Even If..
Even if the world turns against you and looks down on you
On your failures and somber days
Even if you commit a fault and there is nothing you can do
But ask for forgiveness and for better days
Even if when you try to right a wrong
And nothing changes nor gets achieved
Even if you don’t feel as strong
And you don’t have the strength to believe

Even if the one you love walks away
And all you can do is let them go
But you try and you can’t find the right words to say
Even if you feel like you just hit the ultimate low
And it seems like your world has come to a complete halt
Even if without them you feel like nothing
And you’re on the edge of losing it all
With the damage of a broken heart that feels so crushing

Even if they say that you are not good enough
Even if they say that you do not have ambition
And every word feels as rough
Causing you to feel like they’re right but you don’t want to admit it
Even if you are always criticized
For who you love, what you do, what you wear
Even if you should ever come to a moment and realize
You want to leave and you don’t feel wanted here

Even if things do seem that way
You’ll always matter to at least one person
You’ll always be strong by the end of the day
Every experience gives you the benefit to keep on learning and grow as a person
Even if your life is surrounded by constant sorrow
It doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any space forany joy
Look up, and motivate yourself for a better tomorrow
Because this life was meant for you to enjoy

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