good bye

May 28, 2012
By codykay BRONZE, Palatka, Florida
codykay BRONZE, Palatka, Florida
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<3 Good bye <3

Your heart a rope ,love a cliff every heart beat is mint for him. every kiss brings sparks so bright. all your heart wants to do is fight. fight to climb the love so steep , but every heart beat is getting weak ,you mind is telling you no you must go . You laugh ,you cry ,you so scared to say goodbye. He showed you new hopes, showed you a new life. that’s why its hard to say goodbye .but your mind overcomes your heart and the rope starts to fall apart. as you hit the ground it breaks his heart to see you go. but your mind is telling you it is time to go . So you pick up the pieces left of your heart and say I must go so your mind and your heart has said its time to go.

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