May 25, 2012
By Anonymous

Summer. The season of warmth, the season of freedom. Summer is the time to enjoy your time, enjoy your life, and definitely enjoy the weather. Summer is a beautiful time that only comes once a year. We have no school and a jumbo amount of freedoms. It’s the time to do whatever you want, and to go to the beach! One thing that I haven’t done in a while is go to the zoo. One of my goals this summer is to definitely enjoy my day at the zoo at least once. I would visit the lions, and get my face painted up like I used to when I was 7 ?. Summer is the time to enroll in camps, and to go on vacations. There are more concerts, more parties, and just a lot more chances to go and have fun in the summer. Parents are sometimes still working in the summer, so that’s the time to go out for a safe joyride with some friends, and it’s the time to go hang out with girls and work out. The 4th of July is in the summer! If there’s beautiful weather on the 4th of July, it has a chance to be one of the best holidays. Fireworks blowing up in the sky, American patriotism lingering in the air, and parties with cakes colored red, white, and blue. The summer is an unbelievable time that everyone can enjoy if they choose to.

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