Saving you

May 25, 2012
By ammi chan BRONZE, Muncie, Indiana
ammi chan BRONZE, Muncie, Indiana
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your shadow darkens my memory.
your depression holds me captive.
The strings to your choice of device moves me, and i can't stop it.

Why does the adversary Persist on paralyzing me, so i can't save you.
My skin is tearing on the hooks that keep us apart.
I'm dying to reach you full on, when all you'd have to do to reach me is take one step.

What happened to that light you were?
Her words cut you deep.
The past was vomited in your face.

Pain surges, but I know Gods leading me to a place I'll find peace.
I'm distracted from your darkness by a light that could take it all away.
I thirst for His word, for the foolishness of preaching.

I pray.
I know it's happening as the pain is stopping.
He's unhooked us, but your still wounded.

My wounds disappear.
I speak in unknown tongues, and I know this is the truth.
I have the strength to bring you to an altar now.

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