Just A Crush

May 28, 2012
His eyes, so blue.
So true.
His smile, so bright.
An illuminating light.
And although his heart is taken,
I can't help but to watch, my heart mistaken

And as this heart flutters with his every move.
I silently know, I'm not the girl he'd choose.

He makes my days so bright and lovely,
Why does he not just hold me,
Will he kiss me?
Will he smile at every sight of me?
Or will he just not notice he's standing right by me..

So many wonders and hopes,
Just like I wonder and wish he knows..
Just how far I'd go..
To have him love me,
Like I love him.

But dispite my feelings,
He is taken.
Far from my reach,
I know that no matter where we meet.
No matter how he makes my heart flutter with every move...

I'll never be the girl he would choose..

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