May 2, 2008
In all but an hour
I can do major damage
I can tell anything you did in just one minute
That’s 60 people
Who may not be unforgiving
I can tell your friends, your girlfriend or whoever you hang out with
I can lie, and connive
I don’t care if you really did it
They say my name a dime a dozen
Its just GOSSIP isn’t it
Yeah, that’s me
I’m the real media
I broadcast everything
Good. Bad, Indifferent
Cause its all news
Gossip me to someone else
Tell what happened through somebody else
Exaggerate It! - Yes I can!
I don’t care what you say about the sleaze
She’s a bopp
She slept with Steve
Pass it on to who ever else
Hating is a motive
Cause you know Sara can’t stand you anyway
Pass it on, write it down
Just sign my name GOSSIP, please
Just remember- Tell everyone
I can ruin your life with my lies, and
All you can do is- CHANGE a MIND
So please don’t act dumb
Or jump stupid
Cause you just giving me GOSSIP something to talk about to someone else
I can make you or break you
So watch your step
And you can close my mouth, and seal my lips
And keep me from telling everyone else

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