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May 21, 2012
My life passed with moments I learned to love
Like jungle gyms and Super Nintendo.
Bring back the dog who smelled of morning dew
and summertime visits to petting zoos.
I once swallowed to numb the pain of death
the smoke which envelopes my mind so deep
for life is but lived in the past I seek.
Solace is found in the bottle again,
But here I drown (not suck) myself to sleep
in misery. Replace my phone with stones
to call the lake that once rippled my youth
and beg her grace for I now feel the bruise.
Take me to the little league games in parks
and the photos of toothless warriors
who find victory in pizza and Coke.
I miss practice and playing and parents,
punishment and Pokemon and playgrounds.
My home is the haven in which I grow,
But I have lived and left and died alone.

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