Broken Lover's of Wish

May 22, 2012
By YukiAugust SILVER, Biloxi, Mississippi
YukiAugust SILVER, Biloxi, Mississippi
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Love yourself before you love anyone else.

Promising things
You won't keep
Spreading lies
While I sleep
Stealing kisses
Here and there
Making me think
You really care
When all in all
This was your plan
To break my heart
Without a care
Crying tears over
Shattered dreams
Still believing
In nothing real
I'd let true love
Slip right through
Guarded heart
With walls
So high
No longer
Trusting anyone
Not even you
Scared of promises
For most were broken
Never trusting
With all my heart
For I've been jaded
Far too long
Locking away
My heart
Which they desire
For they allowed
This plague
To be
What closed
My heart off
For no one
To see
Not allowing
Anyone to
Come so close
For fear Of
My heart
Being shredded
Once again
By a handsome face
and a silver tongue
Kisses so sweet
That they tranquilize
Eyes so deep
They pull you in
Wishing you
Were true
It hurts me so
For you
Were what I wanted
For so long
But now
I'm weary
Of even your love
For lies
Have broken
My heart
Once before
I only wish
I could love you
Once more
I wish
I could
But I'm
Still scared
That your
Just a dream
That will
Shatter and

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