A lost Teddy Bear

May 22, 2012
By Anonymous

The lost Teddy Bear lay in the bin on the bottom feeling alone as can be.
Squished and toppled with toys stuffed animals too.
Hoping and dreaming about the love that used to be.
Thrown in the bin by accident.

In the bin, it smelt sadness and a gloomy city.
A piece of an old expired orange that lost all of its color.
The smell of dirt and dust on all of the stuffed animals fur.
It smelt a dirty red sock that smelt like trash.

On the bottom, all the teddy bear could see would be the tails or feet of stuffed animals.
It would see the dust fly in the bin like airplanes in a rainy sky.
And darkness: not a glimpse of light.

Under an orange kitty cat, it heard the hearts breaking of the toys.
The cries and whimpers of the stuffed dogs.
And the angry hisses of the cats.
An annoying song of a doll that kept repeating one word.
Of course the boisterous slam of the closet door.

Beside a dolphin, it could taste the dust and the tears of animals above.
The sneezes of the dolphin.
And an expired glass of milk thats chunky.

In the bin, the teddy bear was worn out.
It felt pain because of all the animals on top of it.
It felt tired and soar.
It just couldn't stop thinking about the good times they've had.

Next to an old doll, it touched the rough, bumpy bottom of the plastic bin.
The fluffy fur and the dust all around.
A dirty red sock that was lumpy and dusty.

Inside the teddy bears heart, it felt melancholy and rage.
And a volcano about to explode with tears.
But that very same day she cleaned out her closet.
And saw me on the bottom and jumped up and down.
It had a happy face instead of a frown.
The little girl with lots of joy threw the teddy bear in the air.
And all the other jealous toys just stopped and stared.

The author's comments:
I was inspired when I was cleaning out my closet and saw my old teddy bear. I wrote this for English and I had to use prepositional phrases and the 5 senses.

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