Untitled Piece

April 29, 2008
By Darrel Williams, Houston, TX

Since the beginning of time, there has been man and woman.
And little has changed between them, like the sea and the sand.
Both have gained knowledge about many different things.
Like Anatomy, Astronomy, and even why the caged bird sings.
Man has created many things over time, like “Pick – Up Lines”.
And most women have fell for this time after time.
Now somewhere between the BIG BOOM and the Y2K mystery.
There was the birth of a very special boy, normal too… plus his name would be known throughout history.
His name was Alex, a cute caramel baby that looked kind of like Will Smith but more like his mother.
But wasn’t an only child because he had two older brothers.
In this story there will be romance, drama, and plenty of laughter.
You won’t be able to put this down, so just let me stop this chatter.
Alex went through his life like any other person would.
Like learning his ABC's, 123's, and even potty training because mommy said he should.
Once he accomplished these feats, he now had a bigger feat, women or girls as he would say.
He wanted to know more about them, and seemed to be more interested in girls with the passing of each day.
And could picture their pretty faces but names he seemed to not remember.
He saw moving on to High School as a way to have a fresh start.
Becoming more Athletic, Cool, but all the while still staying smart.
The first days of school passed pretty quickly due to the meeting of new teachers and other things that normally occur.
Then when he arrived home, his mother always quick to ask him about his day which to him was still a blur.
After him and his mother conversed some more, he went to attempt his homework assigned for that day.
Until his younger brother came home from school with much much more to say.
His name was Joseph, 11 and already wanted to be older than it was necessary to be.
Plus he and Alex had too much in common, which caused them to be closer than the bee hive hanging from a tree.
Joseph normally dropped his things right at the door.
That is until he spotted his mom giving him the eye which meant you better close that door and pick up your stuff off the floor.
After Joseph picked up his things off the floor, he brought his things to him & his brother’s room where there are no rules about dropping stuff at the door.
And Alex & Joseph would laugh and chat until mom said it was dinner time which is when they would eat until their bellies couldn't hold anymore.
This was the normal unless it was the weekend, when they would eat cereal and watch cartoons because there was nothing better to do.
And if they had a project or homework, it was all ways done at the last minute or the day it was due.
Now, just in case I’m losing your attention... let me fast forward to Alex's Senior Year where things get much more interesting or as he might say, legendary.
Alex's Senior Year was going well so far, he's known by all, male & female but still didn't have a lady to call his own which was really necessary.
But today, was the day before his 18th birthday which was the day before he officially became a man.
Today, he was still doing his normal, which meant he was watching TV. & eating cereal instead of having his day planned.
The next day, he got a happy birthday from mom and his brother before he left to catch the bus.
Because he couldn't drive his new car that he got last night and no, it was not from Toys R' Us.
That day at school everything was normal, people gave him balloons, money even brownies and then he had to go to class.
His next class was kind of weird, because the girl that sits behind him kept touching him and when he looked back at her she would smile and wink until he turned back around then she started to do it again while Alex was assuring himself with would pass.
But period after period it just seemed to get worse & worse.
At the end of the day, Alex was only wondering about one thing; was he now blessed with a gift or a curse.
When he got home, his mom was sleeping with her stories on the T.V.
And decided to wake her up from her slumber then tell her about his day which wasn't going to be EZ.
He tapped her as lightly as possible because she didn't want to be disturbed unless the house was on fire and when she opened her eyes she was he looked troubled.
So she sat up as quick as she could, then Alex started to tell her about his day but not at the speed of a normal man because his was doubled.
After he stopped talking which didn't take long, his mother told him to take a seat and patted the couch seat a bit.
"It's about time you heard this, you're dad was a superhero. Have you ever heard of Super Pimp? That was your daddy and he fought crime and saved the day, then he would use his special cologne and find him a girl to Love Him Sexy. When I found out that he used his power on me... I had a fit.
But since then him and I have grown to really love each other. He’s given up his power but he’s passed it onto both of your brothers and now it’s your turn. I’ll let you have it but when you’re dad comes back into town you can’t tell him I told you this because he’s suppose to do it.
And after his mother stopped talking all Alex could manage to say was “Holy Cheesy Grits”.
His mom kissed him on the forehead and told him everything would be ok.
And Alex went in his room to take a nap but he whinded up dreaming about what his mom just had to say.
All that week Alex wore the cologne to school to see how far the girls would really go.
Keep in mind that most of the girls that are under his spell are friends of his or girls he’s wanted to talk to for sometime. So…
That day at school the normal happened, homework due, homework given, one girl even tried to touch Alex in a spot that must not be named.
But when he was on his way to Physics, he spotted a girl that looked so good it was insane.
She had a pretty face which was a caramel color, long hair, and just happened to be wearing those Apple Bottom jeans they always talk about.
And they fit her so nice, his eyes couldn’t help to wonder down south.
After he stopped day dreaming a sec or two, he decided to talk since he had really nothing else to do.
He said hi and then she looked around to see who said that after she caught Alex’s eyes she said hello and followed up with a how are you?
He was fine of course and the conversation went from there.
That was until she realized that she’d better get to class soon because you could tell the bell was about to ring by all the kids running everywhere.
They parted ways like Moses parted The Red Sea but all the while he just wanted to where ever she wanted to be.
Just in case I didn’t mention this before, the cologne doesn’t take effect when the person doesn’t like the smell, which could’ve been the reason she wasn’t acting crazy.
Only thing that he could think about was his dream girl until the bell rand for dismissal and then all he could think about was getting a bite to eat.
And on his way to the golden arch, guess who just happened to be walking his way on the street?
No, not Ronald McDonald… it was his dream girl so you can kind of say it was fate.
He caught up with her and they kind of kept the conversation going they had last time plus during this conversation he learned her name was Jasmine and she also had a boyfriend. So far Alex’s day wasn’t awesome but it was great.
Over the next two weeks they became better friends and even met her boyfriend who looked handsome but wasn’t that tall.
He seemed cool but still he had to go like the walls of Jericho had to fall.
Alex and Jasmine started spending more time together which caused Mr. Boyfriend to be suspicious.
Then he decided that enough was enough, so she might as well pick between us.
Well, she was upset that he even wanted her to choose but in the end she chose Alex over Mr. Boyfriend.
For reasons unknown but that night there was an Epic Battle that was intense right until the end.
It started in a wrestling ring, Alex in one corner and Mr. Boyfriend in the other.
Then you saw punches thrown, kicks, power bombs, you know all that good stuff.
And just as he was about to win he had to be waken up by his mother.
Now, I hate to do this but I have to sum up the end.
Because this is just happens to be due tomorrow so let me begin.
Alex and Jasmine finally became a couple which I’m sure you already knew.
They also went to the prom and graduated like all seniors do.
And since he didn’t need it, he gave up his cologne because in his relationship he’d already made it past 1st base.
But kept it stashed away, just in case he would have to save the human race.
Oh, and the also lived together happily ever after which I’m happy to say.
Thank You for reading and have a nice day.

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