Johnny's Beef

May 22, 2012
By , Arlington Heights, IL
Anyone that visits the United States of America would HAVE to try Johnny’s Beef’s Italian ice or the trip to America wouldn’t be worth it. Johnny’s Beef is located in a very busy suburban area, on Arlington Heights road and Golf road. Many people go there for dinner with their family to try their famous Italian Beef, but I go there on hot sunny days with my friends for Arlington Height’s best Italian lemon ice. When I drive into the parking lot of Johnny’s Beef, the first thing I notice is the really long line and the full parking lot. Inside the restaurant, I notice how packed the building is with hungry customers. The line usually goes out the door and seems never ending. The employees are usually rushed and one of the employees is making big buckets of lemon Italian ice and watermelon Italian ice. Because there isn’t a lot of room in the building, the atmosphere is very hot and loud. Even though it’s crowded, many people seem to have a good time. Customers sit close and tight next to each other on each rectangular table. People also eat outside of the restaurant when the weather is nice. Usually, when people are done eating, they have room for desert. A lot of people like to get the slice of chocolate cake or the banana chocolate smoothie after finishing their delicious Italian beef and salty fries. Most people just simply get the famous Italian ice. The first bite I ever had of Johnny’s Beef’s Italian ice tasted really sweet and refreshing, especially because it was ninety-five degrees that day. I usually get the large Italian ice and end up eating the rest on my way home. When the tourist eats at Johnny’s Beef, he or she is going to think America is the best country in the world.

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