May 22, 2012
By xXrisezXx BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
xXrisezXx BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
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I believe every human has the right to pursue happiness
and that it’s weird when parents listen to dubstep

I believe that food should be enjoyed
and everybody should go to college

I believe that Devin Hester is going to have an amazing 2012 season
and that there’s no better way to spend a day stuck at home then playing guitar with the volume cranked so loud my shelves shake

I believe you can never learn enough
and that asking mom instead of dad for something is more likely to give me the answer I want

I believe Americans are dependent on fast food
and working on weekends blow

I believe a family is incomplete without a dog
and sausage, green peppers and onions are the only topping that should ever be on a pizza

I believe waking up at 630 am for school everyday is too early
and that there’s no better way to listen to music then by going to a concert

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