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May 22, 2012
By Kingsruller1 BRONZE, Arlington Hts., Illinois
Kingsruller1 BRONZE, Arlington Hts., Illinois
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Mom never had Serbian green toy soldiers or a doll
Yet she tries to give me them all
Dad never had good basketball shoes
Yet he tries to give me the fly wade green and black Jordan shoes
While these are all great and kind of my parents
All I wanted was to see them smile and see that I’m not transparent
To see that I don’t need materialistic items to make me happy
That I can just take a hug and love and be perfectly fine and not sappy
The look of joy in my mother’s eye as I was unraveling my present
Slowly unwinding the glistening red string wrapped tightly around a yellow box that looked quite pleasant
And the sound of the first rip of wrapping paper off of my gift
Was something that made my mother’s face lift
The happiness that poured out of my mouth
Was nowhere near the size of happiness that poured from my mother’s heart
While the presents and gifts were all nice
I hope my mother knows that my heart isn’t made out of ice
While all I needed to be happy was just a hug and some love
What I didn’t realize is that my mother was giving me presents to show me her love

The author's comments:
This piece came from the piece “The Bluest Eye”. I was trying to make a piece that was similar to this of the piece that Toni Morrison wrote but, to write apiece from a different point of view. Not just to show the child’s point of view and what the child wanted but, to show what the parent meant with the “Present”. In this piece I give more credit to the parents instead of making them look like they don’t care about what the child wants.

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