Jason Hunter

May 22, 2012
By mccrewla SILVER, Kent, Washington
mccrewla SILVER, Kent, Washington
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In 2022 the 10th of April Russians invaded Los Angeles in las Ciengea Street. The day started out peacefully everything quiet it was sunny outside around the afternoon the sky started turned dark out of no way las ciengea.

Jason Hunter use to be a trouble maker when he was young he sent a boy to the hospital he decided not to fight after words that’s why he’s doesn’t like violence . He lost his mother at the age of ten that’s he cares the rest of his family. And he has a Crush on a girl named Samantha Gray. He’s a straight A student and also plays a lot of sports.

Third person. The first time the protagonist (Jason Hunter) moved to Los Angeles was when he moved there with his family at the age of six. It was peaceful and it was sunny. Jason had a feeling that this a great place to live. At first he was worried about making new friends but he made friends in a flash.
First person. The first time that I (Jason Hunter) moved to Los Angeles was when I moved there with my family at the age of six.it was peaceful and a sunny place. I had a feeling that this a great place to live. At first I was worried about making new friends but I made friends in a flash.
If you just randomly saw General Molchaoff without knowing him you’d think that he is a hard cold Killer a person who fought many battles to the death with someone a person which you don’t want to be against. If you were stuck in a room with you will not make a move and hope that you don’t get on his bad side. Also you can’t help but wonder what happen to his eye and the scar across his face.
My conflict is the Soviet Union first the generals declared war. Next the Russian army attacked L.A. Finally there is war going on and we don’t know who will win.
In the story the story the protagonist see’s that the girl he likes doesn’t leave the school because she has to stay for an after school project. When the protagonist arrives home he hears a loud boom and then he see’s fire coming near his school he goes home and tells the family he’ll be right back when he arrives at the school he starts looking for her but she safe in the school safe. The moment he enters the safe room another boom this time it was near his house he tries to go see but the girl tries to stop him but he went anyways when got to his house he sees was to late his house was on fire and there was no sign of his family.
Days after the incident the girl the boy likes and him get captured by Russian soldiers that’s when they meet the general the general kills the girl in front of him and then locks up the boy. The boy promised himself that he will kill the general he was put in a prison with some other boys his age and older men it seems they been planning an escape long before he got there.
When they escape the boy leaves the rest of the pack of people who escaped. For days he goes without eating one day he was at the edge of death. He faints but he wakes up in a bed he sees a Russian soldier he pretends that he is still sleeping the soldier notices him. It turns out that soldier was trying to help him.
At one point in the story when the explosion happens the boy was right in front of a wall when the general comes out in the robot suits because he is mad that the boy and the Russian soldier helping him blew the ammo room. The boy gets blasted back. Him and his new friend start running to a room where the soldier equips the boy with suit of his own it takes time to start up the suit so while the soldier distracts the general.
When the boy starts up the suit the soldier gets killed the boy gets so angry that he starts going berserk in the suit when he starts fighting the general the general is so surprised that sometimes he can’t keep up. The boy is so angry that he starts ripping pieces of the general’s suit off. Like his arms and legs.
When the general’s suit is nothing more but the body the boy has finally calmed down. He grabs the general and the boy decides he doesn’t deserve to live and throws him as far as he can. Some helicopters from the U.S military come and take the boy to California it turns out his parents were actually alive and they sent a team to go get him he thought maybe some more people survived but his friends and the girl of his dreams is dead.

When I was sixteen years old I use to be a normal kid played sports, played an instrument and had good grades. I had lost my mom at the age of six; I use to be a trouble maker until I sent a kid to the hospital.

The author's comments:
Just wanted to get an A in my next assesment.

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