Can I have your left over's?

May 22, 2012
By Anonymous

No. I’m going to donate it to the kids in Africa they need it way more than you do.

Sure. Let me just stop eating and give you my food now. I’m not even hungry. I’m just eating this for fun.

No. I’m not done eating. I don’t even know if I’ll have left over’s.

Sure. My names on it in the second drawer of the fridge where I always keep my lefts over’s. I wasn’t going to eat it anyways even though it says DANA’S ONLY DO NOT EAT!

No. I’m hungry.

Sure. I haven’t eaten all day so I planned on starving myself and giving you my food so I don’t have to eat.

No. You ask me for left over’s everyday. Go buy your own food for once. Or don’t finish all yours at the restaurant so you can bring your own left over’s home.

Obviously if I’m pulling out my food I’m going to eat it. Don’t ask me before I start eating. If I have any left over’s then I will ask someone if they would like them. If it has my name on it do not even ask me if you can have it.

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