Bus Driver Escapes Flying Fish Attack

May 22, 2012
By Dana DeFilippo BRONZE, Arlington Hts, Illinois
Dana DeFilippo BRONZE, Arlington Hts, Illinois
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Loosing his job he had to resort to being a school bus driver, driving around obnoxious, out going, loud kids, to and from school. Screaming “are we there yet” every second.

Taking the path to and from school he has to go over a bridge where construction is taking place. All of a sudden there was a thump!

The bus stopped.
Pushing down on the pedal as hard as he could nothing happened,
Restarted the bus nothing happened,
Twisted the wheel nothing happened.

Dreading getting off the bus
While all the kids are hooting and hollering.
Walking on the gravel road bending over to see what’s wrong with the tire.

A flying fish came out of the river and attacked him.
Tossing and turning to get it off
All of a sudden another one attacks and another.
They just kept coming.

40 fish were attacking him like a swarm of bees coming for someone who hit their hive.
Fighting the fish off swatting, twirling and dancing around the bus driver gets closer and closer to the edge of the bridge.


Never again did we see the bus driver.

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