When Is it Over?

May 14, 2008
By Denton Faber, Matthews, NC

Is it done when you say it is
Is it over when they say it is
What does it mean when you’re by yourself
Who do you talk to when your family is falling apart
How do you know what to do

When is it over?
Where do you go when there’s no where else
Is it the experience of the last tree in a slaughtered forest
How will you turn out compared to your old self
It’s your mom kicking you out of your house
What if you have what you don’t want
Is it worth throwing away
How do you get what you need

When is it over?
Are you willing to get on your knees
Who says that’s the right person you should be
What do you say when theres nothing left to say
What is life
Is the Preacher accurate saying all life has a purpose
Then what is the purpose of a crack fiend
Is Life is just a Word

When is it over?

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