Do you think?

May 15, 2008
By Criag Caliendo, Hartland, WI

Sitting there watching all of the drama go by.
Trying not to care, trying not to listen,
But what if it’s about me?
She wouldn’t tell them that,
It was just one night and I don’t even remember the whole thing,
But what if he tells her this?
No that’s crazy talk. He wouldn’t,
She came on to me, what was I supposed to do?
Or would she?
Maybe I shouldn’t have told him that about her.
She’s nice for the most part. Everyone makes a mistake now and then,
And if she finds out, I don’t want to think what she’ll tell him,
This lunch is so long I hate it,
Well, see you all tomorrow.

Another lunch,
Wow that was a mean stare. What was that for?
No, he would never do that to me.
But why else would she look at me like that?
It just doesn’t make sense.
There’s nothing else except that one time, that one night!
But the only people who know is that one girl and she’s graduated now,
And him, but I trust him, he would never do that to me.
And even if he did, I could tell all of them about that one time.
But that would be really mean,
But he would deserve it if he told her that.
But we have been friends for so long and if I told them that, he would hate me.
And who knows what every one else would think?
Oh here she comes again,
“Hey how’s it going?”
“Good what was the look for earlier?”
“Ohhh I thought you for mad at me.”
“No reason, I just thought…”
That was close!

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