The Hidden Treasure

May 15, 2008
By Justin Nahin, Hartland, WI

School a place we are told is full of conformity, full of acceptance.
School a place where learning is top priority.
That we should love those around us, as they love us.
That we should be able to be ourselves without any problems.

To be like a flock of sheep.
To be popular among the crowd.
Prey on the others or risk losing the great positions we have.
Prey on those who are different to remain as one.

Why must I do this?
Why am I barred from being myself?
I ask myself these questions all of the time.
I ask myself to see the truth in this.

They expect me to be an athlete for me to be one of the better kids in this school.
They expect me to go out and drink with them when asked to.
Can’t I not be forced to such standards?
Can’t I be myself?

I hope for someone to open up so I can step in and join.
I hope for something to happen to force conformity.
I wish for change to occur.
I wish for others to accept it.

It’s so hard to bare such hardship.
It’s so hard to stay with the kids in my group.
Let me escape them somehow.
Let me run away to somewhere where others like me can be found.

Somewhere in this vast ocean of kids is a treasure.
Somewhere in this vast ocean of kids is a person.
That person is just like me.
That person can be my true friend.

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