May 15, 2008
By Dennis Kolbeck, Pewaukee, WI

Imprisoned inside this school,
Hiding behind the empty smiles.
Who could have ever thought,
That it could be this cruel.

Deeper I’m falling,
Into the social outcast section of the school.
Just because I don’t have the same interests as you,
Doesn’t mean you can treat me any different

I keep to myself so no one bothers me,
But still there are people that think they’re funny,
By talking to me trying not to let me know,
That they are making fun of me.

I am a reject and everyone knows it,
Yet they think I don’t know that I am.
Everyday over and over again I hear it,
“You don’t belong here.”

I just wish it could all go away,
Just like that… all be gone.
That just isn’t possible though,
It has to be this way.

Deeper I’m falling,
I just can’t escape this torment.
No matter how hard I try,
It just won’t go away.

It hurts knowing it will happen day after day,
I will get out of this chasm, this void, this abyss.
Then they won’t be able to make fun of me,
Because I will be on top, then they will wonder “Why were we so mean?”

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