May 19, 2012
By maeinotb4gotten SILVER, Steinbach, Other
maeinotb4gotten SILVER, Steinbach, Other
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Love is like playing the piano. First you play by the rules, then you must forget the rules and play from your heart.

Leaning up against you,
I could feel your heart beat;
Hard it was beating,
For you too, could feel this heat.

Your arms are wrapped around me,
Keeping me close to your heart;
And you were close to mine,
Piercing it with a dart.

You move your head,
To whisper in my ear,
Sweet nothings for me-
Only me, to hear.

I look into your eyes,
A reflection of my own;
A warm feeling covers me,
Right to the bone.

Planting a kiss on my cheek,
You whisper, “I love you.”
I smile and say,
“I love you, too.”

We walk down the path,
Our hands folded together,
The both of us wish,
This day would last forever.

Saying goodbye,
And one last kiss,
You’ll say, “Remember, my love,
It’s you I’ll miss.”

I’ll lay in my bed,
Unable to stop thinking
Thoughts of you,
Oy vey! I feel as if I’m sinking!

Sinking in love,
That came from above,
On wings of a dove,
Hugging me like a glove.

My dear friend,
I write this,
All because of you;
Hoping you too, feel this bliss.

I stay up late,
Thoughts of you,
Never fleeting,
Never blue.

I only feel blue,
Because you’re not here
With me,
But I have no fear.

Tomorrow, I will see you,
And be in your arms again;
Your strong arms will protect me,
From the world and it’s pain.

People say you’re tough,
On the inside;
But me? No,
From me you can’t hide.

Inside of you,
Is not someone tough.
To me, he’s soft,
And not at all rough.

Soft and tender,
Lovable and easily charmed;
But with one swift move,
You might be harmed.

But harm you
I will not;
Because I am sinking,
And, it, I have not fought.

Sinking in love,
That came from above,
On wings of a dove,
Hugging me like a glove.

Once I’m in your arms,
I feel protected and safe;
As if at once,
The enemy shall chafe.

When I’m gone from you,
For so long,
I feel lost,
Like a dying song.

But to hear your voice,
To look in your eyes,
Just one more time,
This feeling, away it flies.

Your love is strong,
That you may not know;
Strong enough
To let me go.

But go, I will not,
You are the one I love,
And no other, like you,
Had given me a shove.

A shove in my heart,
In my soul, in my mind;
I fall head over heels,
Because you’ve been so kind.

A blessing from God,
That’s what you are
To me;
Forever leaving a scar.

A scar in my memory,
A scar on my heart,
Sinking, I am,
A solitary piece of art.

Sinking in love,
That came from above,
On wings of a dove,
Hugging me like a glove.

The author's comments:
I wrote the first part of this poem because I was needing something to do on a family trip down to Texas. I really missed my boyfriend and I continued to write parts two and three because it didn't feel like it was complete with just the first part. I guess you could say I was inspired to write it; then again, who isn't inspired?

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