The Elephant

May 19, 2012
By MeganK97 GOLD, Saint Augustine, Florida
MeganK97 GOLD, Saint Augustine, Florida
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The Earth shakes as he stomps by,
His head's at the same level as the birds that fly.

Don't want to get trapped in the great stampede,
As one huge elephant takes the lead.

His body is a gigantic grey mass,
How can such a large animal move so fast?

His long, long trunk swings to and fro,
How massive he is, he surely doesn't know.

Flapping in the wind are his enormous ears,
A creature like this hasn't got any fears.

He stops at a river to cool down,
Boom. Boom. Boom. As his feet hit the ground.

Water spraying over his head like a hose,
A giant waterfall covers him from his ears to his toes.

Standing upright. His trunk is curled,
The gargantuan elephant is on top of the world.

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