May 19, 2012
By Anonymous

I used to think we were happy.
In your eyes, I was perfect. You were my mommy,
and I was your little girl.
But now, you're always gone.
It's like you want to hide from me.
What did I do wrong, Mommy?
Am I still your little girl?
I heard you've found a man, Mommy.
You're with him day and night.
I suppose he makes you happy;
but Mommy, why don't I?
I think I know the reason, Mom.
I've grown up and I've changed.
I'm not little or pretty now-
I guess I must seem strange.
I can't help getting older, Mom,
but I won't cry, I'll be strong. I'll make myself so perfect,
I'll extinguish every flaw.
Maybe then I'll be good enough
to earn my mother's love.
I know that you won't like this poem.
You'll go throw it away.
But this is my last desperate endeavor.
Mother, why won't you stay?

The author's comments:
Life sucks when your parents basically disown both their kids to go be stupid and waste their lives with some guy...

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