May 7, 2008
By Genni Crowell, Newalla, OK

A mother working four jobs
Just to get her daughter through college
Works double shifts
Just to have a place to live
She doesn’t care
About how the heiresses wear their hair
Diamonds and platinum don’t faze her
Cause she’s gonna have to work later
Paris Hilton in jail
Easily making bail
While she gets to worry ‘bout the bills
A princess driving a Porshe
She’s at her worst
Waiting for the day when the letter says:
Congratulations, you have been chosen
To live your life to the fullest
Just thank your Mom
So she knows her hard work
Made a life for you
You never knew
How much she gave for you
You don’t know that her only hopes for you
Were to live the life she never knew
And grow to be the best you ever could
She worshiped that floor to help
You explore your wildest wonders
Do you see this life she wanted for her baby
People struggling to make ends meet
While others are jumping to the beat
We must help each other
To help ourselves
When we work together
To lift one and other
To stand up on our feet again
Help our friends
Live the way they need
So that they won’t ever see
That underpass home ever again
And they can get some rest
Before they go before the jury
For living their life in a hurry
Only try to succeed
And satisfy their need
Our names held high
As we say goodbye
To the world we once knew
Together we stand
But divided we fall
Like a domino effect
The world will change for all
And become a place
For people to be
Forever happy
Forever free
People living on the street
Living life like rats
People starving
People beaten like cats
But yet all we hear is raps
About how it’s so hard
Carrying hundred pound bling
With that ring
He could buy a country
He has his own clothing line
But the homeless
Have no clue who he is
They’re too busy worrying
Where their next meal is
Hurrying to gather their things
‘Cause it’s about to rain
Got to get under that bridge
Their new concrete bed
Welcoming their head
Another nights rest
For the homeless
While he is rollin’ in his Benz
With 48 inch rims
10,000 grand on hand
Bet he doesn’t know how it feels
To not know when
You’re gonna get to eat again

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