Ode to Survival

May 18, 2012
By MeganK97 GOLD, Saint Augustine, Florida
MeganK97 GOLD, Saint Augustine, Florida
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Across the stalks of white lines
The night has fallen down
Gathering for the remaining times
Times are tough but it won't frown.

My family is at home
Hiding from death
In a space they won't roam
Hiding from their last breath.

My palm-sized body
Covered with gray
My whiskers sense keenly
This won't be my doomsday.

A black figure approaches me
I scurry for home
The opening has appeared blankly
I'm almost home.

My tail has been caught
I feel this is the end
The large beast is here un-fought
It screams of terror, my friend.

The large attacker has set me free
I arrive home for my family
Another day survived, another day of worry
Tomorrow to return to the next chapter of my story.

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