Dandelion in a field of Roses

May 24, 2012
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No one cares for me
No one can see my beauty
I do not matter
I do not flatter your yard
I do not grow from a seed
But from a weed
I am not to be admired
But aspired to be gone
No one wants me
No one wants a weed
Flowers of beauty are all around me
Nourished to some day flourish
Showing off their beauty
They are not afraid
I stay far away from them
But even so
I’m plucked by the stem
Thrown away to be forgotten the next day
I am left to wallow and swallow truth
I am a dandelion
Nothing more
Nothing less
I may not be the best
But I am who I am
I am a dandelion in a field of roses
They stick up their noses and stare at the sky
High and mighty they stand
Never wanting to know who I am
I stay grounded
Soft sounded
But its okay
I’ll stay where I am because that’s where I belong
I am strong
I may not be deemed good enough to be called a flower
But I am deemed well enough by the little girls who do admire me
And see my beauty
They puck me on mothers day
They say I look like a ray of sunshine
They say I may be small but my beauty out matches that
I am a Dandelion in a field or roses
But that doesn’t make me any less beautiful

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