Time Will Tell

April 24, 2008
By Jonathan Esquivel, Austin, TX

Do you here the clock ticking.
Every second that goes by is like
A little piece of you being let go.
Grasp every minute that goes by,
So you will enjoy it all until you die.
Live life to its fullest,
Worship it all to the final day.
With the lands green fields,
And ocean’s blue seas.
We gaze through the day,
As we look through heaven’s clear skies.
We walk through these evergreen forests,
Only wishing it would never end.
So we see the sunset depleting,
We are surly leaving.
Its only when the day unwinds,
That we finally realize.
That’s cause, in god’s eyes
We are all ones going to live the day.
But who knows, if this is a tell,
I guess only Time Will Tell.

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