The Love You Lost

May 17, 2012
By Anonymous

With the brilliant blue eyes that could melt glass
And looks that could kill.
He used those looks to kill me
He used them as a weapon,
to make me love him.
It worked too,
Until that one fateful night,
That night in the park,
Under the stars,
The last thing I remember seeing is those stars,
The last thing I remember hearing,
Is Nathan crying,
And saying “I’m sorry” repeatedly
Then I was gone.
I guess he didn’t mean to do it,
He seemed shook up enough.
I just wish he wouldn’t have taken me,
And thrown me into the river.
That poor little girl,
She found me,
And screamed her head off.
It was a week later,
Or was it a month?
It’s hard telling when you’re dead.
I remember the day I met him,
He was so magical to me.
He could make me feel on top of the world.
I met him across my grandma’s street.
He was playing baseball with my cousin
Little did I know that he would use that bat
To kill me later.
We fell in love almost instantly
In fact,
We dated 8 months.
It was on that 8th month anniversary,
He killed me.
He was asking odd questions,
And acting weird.
I just thought,
He was nervous.
Was I wrong.
I tried to fight,
It didn’t work
I tried to bite,
And claw
It still didn’t work
He just hit me harder,
With each failed attempt.
Finally, I begged.
I didn’t want my life to end,
I still wanted to be loved by him,
I still wanted to feel his warmth.
That night, that warmth I felt wasn’t his,
It was my own blood,
Pooling around me.
There was just one little flaw
In his plan.
I had his skin under my nails,
I had his blood on the ground where I bit him,
And the police used that little flaw,
To catch my killer.
At first,
He denied it all.
Then he broke down,
He had heard a rumor
That I had cheated on him,
That I was going to break his heart.
But he couldn’t let that happen.
He figured,
If he couldn’t have me,
Nobody could.
You should have seen the dumb look on his face,
When he found out it was all a
He got off free though,
Because of “mental defect”
He visits my grave
Every day,
He cries and says he’s sorry.
Sorry won’t be able to fix,
What he did to me.
I will forever be 18
Because of him.
I will never be able to live my dreams
He expects me to forgive him.
Like I even could.
Well I can’t.
Because I’m dead.
Two years later,
He killed himself.
They say he was depressed,
Because he missed me so much.
It was a gunshot,
To the head.
Somehow, he was buried right next to me,
Against my parent’s wishes,
But everyone talked them into it,
Saying he never meant to kill me,
That, if they would bury us together,
We could love each other,
We are stuck together forever,
Because we both have “unfinished business”
My business is with him,
but we can't speak about it
like I need to
Because we're both

The author's comments:
Nothing really inspired me to write this, I just let the words fall from my mind

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