February 10, 2008
By Elena Panteleeva, Bloomington, IN

Time is a matter of the clock:
Whether yours goes "tick-tock"
Or simply "beep",
Or if the radio starts blaring--
Time either keeps on flaring
Or goes to sleep.
Faith is a matter of the mind:
Whether yours is the science kind
Or based on trust,
Or if it's ever-changing--once, twice, thrice,
Trying to find, whatever price,
The next big thrust.
Hope is a matter of the will:
Whether you run, be still,
Or stay the same.
Or if you give it up, you leave it,
Because you're only meant to give it--
It's like a game.
Love is a matter of the three
Described above--to some degree,
Or maybe not.
Or it's the greatest of them all,
For us to see, and be appalled
How far we got.

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