Wish you were here.

December 20, 2007
By Robert Burton, San Anotonio, TX

The bed which bloomed to your touch is now empty;
My soul aches for you music to flow through me;
Your the only person who gets me can't you see.

Right now i really need you next to me...

I have many foes which wish me harm upon my being;
But you stand close protecting me without a moment notice;
Kiss me once again so i can focus my dear.

Whisper into my ear my dear as you pull me closer, wanting , yearning, burning with desire as you pull me near.....

I'm not afraid to follow you if you allow;
I'm not afraid to dance with you upon the millions of people in this small town;
Wake me up and tell me I'm only dreaming.

If this were reality there would be no point in trying to believe..

Because your aren't just a dream your my everything.

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