I am from

January 29, 2008
I am from a broken home pasted together with kindgarden glue
A fimarly smell of cigarettes that is calming like a warm embrace
I am mud puddles that splash beneath children's feet
A laughter that was induced by silly inside jokes
I am stray puppies saved by a child's hands
A tongue tied speaker that looses focus on forgotten points
I am a memory that slips your mind
An after taste you can't forget
I am a cut caused by a grabbing a rose full of unseen thorns
A pair of cold hands shocking warm skin
I am the forgiver of your regrets
An ear that will listen when you dont want to hear
I am the smell of vanilla that lingers on your finger tips
A lipstick mark from an unsought kiss
I am a smile that will infect your face
a spark but not a fire
I am broken clock that has lost track of time
A rule you will inevitable break
I am a boundry you will never know
A made up logic that is senseless
I am a fascination with a reflection broken mirror
A ballon tied to a string that is always wanting to get away
I am the pieces you hold in your hand
And all the ones you forgot you misplaced
I am the one who is waiting to be solved,
but know exactly who I am.

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