Raising The Youth

November 2, 2007
By Reid Brown, Kalispell, MT

Three virtues are applied to good parents and elders -
They are listening, trust, and the ability to give good advice.
It all fits into one category, with the subtitle of guidance.
There’s no better way to show love
To the people who look up to you
Than to guide…

So why does the generation gap always have to appear?
Instead of guiding with relations, it continues discrimination.
What is wrong with the clothes we wear?
How we share, show that we care, the styles we have our hair…
Only the blind wouldn’t see the hypocrisy behind what’s happening –
The illusion that you never rebelled or did anything wrong.

There are better ways to guide -
Not showing us we are scum,
Not telling us we don’t listen,
Not telling us we are in the wrong…
But showing us we could and we can,
By listening to us we gain a trust.

Contributing to one another,
Completely understanding where we belong
There’s always a set place for people in society -
Not a characteristic as vivid as the clothing style or hair,
But an idea as vague as the view of life in society,
We need to know where we come from
In order to know who we are.
Experience and the past is what makes a person -
Stereotyping and judgment does change a person,
But not for the better.

Guidance is the virtue for raising the youth.
Society knows we need more unity,
But is discrimination or guidance the best?
Knowing the difference is the solution
To the generation gap.
Or is the gap simply a continued legacy?

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MELLOW said...
on Aug. 13 2008 at 6:12 pm
your simply amazing

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