A Question

November 2, 2007
A question…
Can change someone’s view on a subject,
Turning a mindset toward an unwanted destination.
Question after question,
Then question to question,
Is the way the mind lives -

A question…
What started this?
It just ended.
She and he argued,
Heavy, deep, burning pain,
Back and forth -
It just ended…
Painful silence.

A question…
What is next?
Sadness? Anger?
Just nothing.
Question to question,
It’s the life of the mindset -

A question…
Why? Why did this happen;
Why is there a cloud?
Can I fix it?
Once together, now apart.
It doesn’t make sense, so
More questions.
It’s continuous, but is it continuous?

A question…
Is it a home
Now that there’s no wife and husband?
No guidance -
The child is going in the wrong direction, questioning,
Putting his mindset toward the wrong destination.
Is it really
A question?

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